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23 December 2007 @ 04:21 pm

Comment on this post to claim the snitch. 150 points will be awarded.

Throughout the term, a few of your members participate by helping me out around the community and holding a special position. I'm going to take this time to congratulate them in the common room and post the number of points they have earned for their hard work. These points are earned through sorting. This term the special position holders were given a set scale and told that their sorting total for the term would be multiplied against that number. So, congratulations to all of you.

augustuscaesar - 555
evilsource - 516
eye_knead_name - 180
karaz - 384
much_reality - 728
pikacharma - 630
pixies - 1032
svimmelhet - 424

Total: 4449 points.
Thanks to evilsource for tallying this!

Thanks again for all the help. :)